5 things to consider before creating a logo
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Besides building a reputation, and looking nice, a company's logo is much more than that. The logo says more about the company than you'd imagine. The logo represents your brand story, or what your business is about.

Rather than worry that people will come to know your secrets, why not use the fact that all eyes are pointed at you and take advantage of the opportunity?

You get only one chance for a first impression, and first impressions are everything the start-up community advocates. You just started paving the way to success, so first impressions are indeed necessary. And this is where the branding game comes into play.


You don’t have to exaggerate. Simplicity is the key to success. Think of the best logos of well-known brands-they work because they're good, and most of all because they fit with the company's story.


Stand out from the crowd


Ensure your logo is clear and easy to interpret right from the start. You probably think you don't have the time, or the finances that big companies have.

You need to pay attention to what kind of branding you're thinking of. Do a thorough examination and come up with a logo that will tell your story in a positive way, thus looking good. Take your own feeling, instead of following the patterns. Only that way you will stand out.


Pay attention to what your brand stands for


The logo you choose to represent your brand must reflect your business needs.

Sure, the beginning of developing a company is a scary experience in which precious resources are thought through and properly used. But when making decisions about how to spend time, money and resources, note that in today's market you shouldn't cut back on branding. It is very likely the most important decision you will ever make.


Be consistent


A well-designed logo should last a lifetime for your business, and consulting with a professional to guide you with the design of your corporate logo will ensure mistakes are avoided. Your logo is a brand representation, and if you have an amateur design, then that's how your business will appear. Don’t make it over complex, because it needs to be simple but yet recognisable and appealing.


Careful when choosing the typography


Your chosen typography should represent what you stand for. Your logo depends on two things-typography and graphics. When paired, they create the most common logo concept base structure. Choosing the right typography for your business can be a huge challenge. You have to know the various types of fonts. Combine your business and branding knowledge- Want to leave a serious impression or elegant, modern and futuristic?


Colors make the difference

When it comes to any kind of design, colors are crucial in the part of creating. Set the color palette wisely but don't hesitate to be bold at the same time. The colors you choose should represent your brand personality and what it stands for. Choose stunning and unique color combinations to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to think “outside the box”. Colors affect the consumers tremendously as they evoke different emotions each.

Creating a logo is a long process and requires patience, consistency, and creativity. But a  successful logo will push your business to new heights by instilling confidence in your company. It is then up to you to deliver the message your logo creates.