Content marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2020
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Content will continue to be one of the main tactics for brands to reach consumers and stand out from a marketing storm. As technology evolves rapidly audiences find new channels for consuming content in new formats and we must keep up with it. Being able to take advantage of a trend before it caught on everywhere helped many of the world’s greatest authors came to where they are now.

Paying attention to the reading patterns is a must as you set new writing targets. Surprisingly these new trends will help you connect with your customers and align with the competition based on your field of expertise.

This year writers will want to focus on creating more valuable and relevant pieces of content. Only making material for the sake of it is no longer an effective strategy. Instead, to achieve the outcomes you want to see, the content needs to be really good, absolutely stuffed with interest, helpful information and well marketed.

Companies will try to understand what works best for the business and develop a carefully planned content strategy, Just ensure you’re creating something valuable and meaningful not just for your business but for your targeted customers also.

1. Freelance writing will rapidly rise

Freelance writing is in high demand and has a low entry barrier. But becoming a sucessful freelance writer entails a lot of work and dedication. Some authors (and web publishers) understand they need support but they don't have the needed funds to pay for good full-time assistance.

That’s why it has become increasingly popular and in high demand to employ freelance writers. 

2. More online readers

In particular, this year you will see the hunger that the masses will consume more content than ever. People who are looking for what works and doesn’t in the fields of tech, finance, business, marketing and more. But successful  people don’t read anything. They read what they think it’ll bring them knowledge and more success. They prefer to be educated over entertained.  Books are a key to valuable information. Writers need to create more interesting content to satisfy the readers appetites.

3. More eBooks will be published

This year will be an amazing turn-around in the publishing business. The books are published as the writers write. Such books are used as good meals for maintaining their spirit as people ask for information to manage their lives and hold to their purpose. More e-books will be published also for those who are not so traditional but still want to gather valuable content for either self-improvement or just for entertainment.

4. Transparent writing

You will be more trustworthy if you’re authentic, transparent and open in your writing. People love reading content that’ll help them solve their problems or something they will relate to. Try not to be misunderstood by the readers and the moment you do this they’ll like you more and trust the brand you’re presenting. Many businesses have experienced trouble because of the lack of transparency. So to gain and maintain you audience’s trust make sure that everything you write and create is transparent and valuable to them.

5. Many bloggers will turn into best-selling authors

A lot of bloggers see the value of being self-published authors. And they take the bold step of really sitting down, preparing and writing their novels. Bloggers are up-to-date and strive to give their readers the best. So many blog posts have saved lives just like non-bloggers' written books. Speaking about tech bloggers there are authors who are very good at that. This year unwinds book publishing by established bloggers and will experience a great boost when they print a book under their own name.

You don’t always have to follow the trends blindly. Conduct a research to understand what’s best for your business, so you can improve your skills in 2020. Keep an eye of your competition and experiment. Think about the years ahead by planning your content strategy well.  You’ll surely find your place in the market.